Here is a sampler of the visual material in the build up to our Storm Collection. If you haven't already noticed we have been putting together a new look for this season's collection to express our personality a little more. Between you and me one of the reasons we have titled it 'Storm' is because that's what we are brewing up in the studio. It takes a huge amount of energy, passion and drive to create a new collection (every season) and we tend to be unpredictable and sometimes moody during this period! So I thought STORM would be an apt name. ;)

The designers and I have lived most of our lives in Auckland City and are Grey Lynn locals through and through. Our cutters, sewers, stylist/retail assistants and pressers are all local too. Moa isn't some big corporation trying to sell you over-priced fast fashion. We are a small family business and we've been around for about 28 years. Instagram is a pretty awesome platform for sharing images and through it we hope to share with you a little more about who we are and what we are about.



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This weekend we are open Easter Saturday and Monday! Spend $100 or over and go into the draw to win $100 in store credit.

Our Easter Hours are:

Friday April 3:                  Closed

Satuday April 4:              10am - 4pm

Sunday April 5:               Closed

Monday April 6:              11am - 4pm


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Part II. Jewellery Edition.

For those special Christmas gifts that require a little more thought and a little less universal appeal; Jewellery is the answer. These pieces of hand crafted silver when worn are a reminder of the love and appreciating from one to another. We have some very talented local jewelers who sell in our Grey Lynn store and our collection is constantly changing. Right now we have some stunning pieces which have inspired this post because of their unique individual appeal. Whether it is delicate silver oars for a water girl, silver rearing ponies for a horse lover or a daisy chain for a romantic I think you might find the perfect gift for that special someone.

Daisy Ring by Kim Jobson

$250 stg silver & 9ct gold

$340 stg silver & 18ct gold

Snowflakes by Kim Jobson $80

Sharks Teeth by Kim Jobson $130

Hematite Swirls by Kim Jobson $98

Oars by Hot Honey $108 

Horse Earings by Kim Jobson $144


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Christmas Gift Guide. Part 1.

It is getting terrifyingly close to Christmas so we thought we would put together a few suggestions to help you out this year. Everything you see here is in our Grey Lynn Store. :)

1. Belts (pictured above.) Skinny pony fur ones in different colours?! Yes. Skinny belts are perfect in the Summer to synch dresses, giving you a better shape. Bright colours can make your outfit that little bit more exciting and it is always surprising what patterns and colours you can pair together. Black skinny belts are an ESSENTIAL in all wardrobes, so that is a no brainer if you know they don't have one in their wardrobe yet!

2. Sheer, oversized T-shirt dresses are easy to slip on over a bikini at the beach and then double in the evening as a nice party frock. This one is perrrfect, with black net detailing on the shoulder, a bold black and white print and flattering silhouette. Its simplicity would suit so many different body shapes and styles!

3. Here in NZ we have a huge hole in our ozone, which means a hat is crucial for sun protection. These new Juna hats, made in Aotearoa, come in a range of different printed fabrics and have a leather clasp at the back. Everyone needs a hat and lots of them.

4. Aroha Healing Candles are lovingly hand poured by Rosanna and her partner, Benton Day at their Grey Lynn premises. The duo choose to use re-usable, recyclable glass containers. "Our candles are made with a natural soy wax base, pure cotton & paper braided wicks, pure essential oils and luxury fragrance oil blends. Aroha Healing works to empower people expanding their possibilities for love, rejuvenating health, achieving true satisfaction & love from relationships, alleviating anxieties & depression and elevating heights of bliss..."

5. Kete: a hand woven Summer essential. They are immensely practical and good to take on overseas trips to rep your home country!


6. Eye wear with a conscious. Proof use recycled materials and a portion of every sale goes towards "doing something good"... "we started by donating funds to build two eye clinics in India where over ¼ of the world’s blind population resides." Their sunnies are super comfortable to wear, we have a range of styles and colours in store and they have a surprisingly low price point. You can read more about their company here.

7. Sashes are another wardrobe essential, they are fun, versatile and come in every colour.


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Te Pua Wananga

Artisit Serena is the newest addition to our Moa team and blesses us with her creativity, vision and passion for bringing to life real women's stories. Endless thanks to this wahine toa for moving mountains (and Moa's.)


"Being a woman for me came to the complete as I share my life with Jakob, a fun, kind, smiley wee baby who arrived 17 months ago. I cannot find words to describe the love. He comes with me often when I make photographs, sharing my art with him is a blessing, as it is to share with all who I am fortunate enough to photograph.

Thank you to all the women who took part in this work. 

The Pua Wananga, a mysterious bloom, waits patiently for the right time. Tree tops of magic, out of reach. I await your presence every spring just to get a glimpse, and then my heart beats faster every time I see you. This is why you are the one I choose."


Written by nikau hindin — December 10, 2014

A Fleeting Blossom

Liv Bjorklund is like a blossom herself, moving with the seasons, evolving and bursting with beauty. We were honoured to have her in our Spring Summer Campaign this year shot by Serena Stevenson. Here are is her story:

"I'm a free spirit who's lived half my life in other countries and loves knowing that where ever I am in the world, I can feel at home.

Nature vs City. Nature blends with City. I am an Urban Peasant finding pleasure in the simple things. Creating abundance from the gifts that surround. Air. Breathe it. Earth. Let it feed and nourish us all.

Expression through the body is a beautiful thing. My life as a dancer was a wonderful (if a little impoverished) existence. The happiness and release I got from dancing was immense. Practicing and teaching yoga channeled that raw release, and gave rise to a fluid power and energy in me. A quiet strength and integrity. Coming home to myself...again.

Spring blossom is my flower right now.  I love you Blossom. You come forth, tentatively at first, forcing your way out of those bare and naked winter branches with such fortitude. Courageous and pioneering.  But when your buds bloom, you are so delicate and fragile. A fleeting beauty, elegantly assuring us that the season is changing, and that spring has sprung. And then with a gust of wind, you are gone, scattering your fine petals like a carpet for the fairies."


Does your favourite flower change with the season too? xx

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The Majestic Manuka

Continuing on with our Flower Portrait Series, Serena Stevenson visited the beautiful Alia De Jaltasyrras, food extraordinaire and owner of The Little Grocer. Alia is a vibrant part of the Grey Lynn community and shares with us her favourite bloom:

"Manuka flower's vibrant bolt of colour and abundance of dainty flowers fill me with joy every time I see them (love the Kingsley St patch!!)

Last week I was deep in the bush in Coromandel with my daughter, my mother and our whanau. That is my home. This week I am back in my sweet corner of Grey Lynn which is also home. This community is my whanau.

Recently I catered a local event and the client said she couldn't be home at delivery time. Her words. "The key is in the gumboot and the money is on the bench, let yourself in, and thank you."

That's the community I live in. I am blessed."
Share with us what you love about your community.

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Ngā Putiputi Katoa

Tamsin Hanly couldn't pick her favourite flower because she loves all flowers. She shares with us what she learned from her Pacific upbringing and her mums tropical garden that continues flood and excite her senses. Serena Stevenson captured Tamsin in her home:

"I was privileged to grow up with Pākehā hippy artist parents committed to the Pacific. I grew up outside in the earth, waters, winds and sun and in my mother’s paradise garden and paradise homes of art, in Aotearoa and other Pacific islands.

I learnt from all of them to smell, hear, touch, taste, feel, sense every single thing, I learnt from all of them that all the universe is alive, has energies and spirits that all need honouring, protecting, loving and humans are only a small part of these things.

I learnt that when a tree flowers or fruits to stop what you are doing, get out of the car, walk over and take the time to acknowledge and tell the flowers, trees, insects, fruit, or food how sexy and erotic they are and how blessed we are to live with them, to thank them for working all year just to bloom or fruit or be eaten or cooked for that moment, then gone. So all flowers are like that for me in their different seasons, from frejas,
irises, frangipani, hibiscus, lilies, orchids, to magnolias.

Moa’s designers and clothes are the same,
they work all year just to be divine when they come in their seasonal times, they are taonga that also need thanking, acknowledging, loving and protecting. They are made for each woman to wear them exactly how she should wear them and feel gorgeous. Thank you all for the incredible seasonal gifts you give us."

Share with us the little lessons you have learned from our natural environment.

Written by nikau hindin — December 09, 2014

Rosanna's Rose

The gorgeous Rosanna is a wonderful Moa ambassador. She channels her healing energy through movement and like us finds joy in observing every woman bloom:

"I am passionate about working with women, allowing them to see and feel their inner beauty and bring more of that beauty into their external world. Through teaching Bellydance, Sacred Sexuality, Reiki and giving nurturing Aroha Healing massage I am able to connect with women on a very deep level.

As a result I am able to witness the unfolding of the sacred feminine within us all, like a delicate rose. This is the most rewarding process fully supporting my own healing journey.

I was named after both grandmothers. My paternal grandmother’s name was Rose and she was born in Romania. I have always loved Roses as they remind me of her and I can see her clearly whenever I see that most beautiful flower."


Share with us the blooms that connect your to some one close to you..

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The Humble Carnation

Photograph: Serena Stevenson

Shelley a long time friend of Moa's shares an intimate story about her late husband who's romantic gesture of carnations moved us. Serena Stevenson visited Shelley and photographed her in her home.

"I have two favourite flowers that are total contradictions in their elegance, and then lack of.
The first is the full, unburst spathes of the giant mountain flax found in the Waitakeres.

My other favourite flower is the humble yet determined little carnation that just sits there doing nothing in particular. Both remind me of a place and a love that still exists today but only in my heart and memories.

My husband and I found our little place in heaven which was a 1 bedroom pre-fab Keith Hay
batch that was trucked into the Waitakere Ranges back in the 50’s.
The then owner Judy Irwin and her husband had met on the Niagra in the pacific ocean.
Together they had discovered the Turanga Rd section in the bush and had weathered
out the first winter in an army tent.
The next year, they realised another winter without a proper roof wasn’t a good idea. Many years
later, Judy popped a sign on her front yard which we discovered on one of our explorative
‘looking for a house’ trips that ticked our not so many boxes and the rest was and is history.
In those first years with the bitter gnawing of a 22%
mortgage and me at home with our first baby,

Trevor would buy me $5 bunches of carnations at Caltex when really we could have done with a
loaf of bread or a bottle of milk.

We would always laugh and refer to them as The Caltex Carnations. Even though he didn’t have any money, he bought those flowers
to remind me how much he loved me and to let me know, that everything would be okay when sometimes it felt like it wouldn’t.
Over the years as our family grew, and mortgage rates reduced, the carnations
never stopped coming. He isn’t here anymore he transitioned in 2000.

The carnation is such an unfashionable flower, yet for me it’s woven into the fabric of my life; it is
the Flower of laughter, romance, dreams, babies, family.  It is the flower of True Love..."

Share your romantic flower story with us, love the Moa family xx

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