Te Pua Wananga

Artisit Serena is the newest addition to our Moa team and blesses us with her creativity, vision and passion for bringing to life real women's stories. Endless thanks to this wahine toa for moving mountains (and Moa's.)


"Being a woman for me came to the complete as I share my life with Jakob, a fun, kind, smiley wee baby who arrived 17 months ago. I cannot find words to describe the love. He comes with me often when I make photographs, sharing my art with him is a blessing, as it is to share with all who I am fortunate enough to photograph.

Thank you to all the women who took part in this work. 

The Pua Wananga, a mysterious bloom, waits patiently for the right time. Tree tops of magic, out of reach. I await your presence every spring just to get a glimpse, and then my heart beats faster every time I see you. This is why you are the one I choose."