Kaleidoscope Collection Exhibition

Here are some photos from our Kaleidoscope Collection Launch the other day. Firstly, thank you to all those who collaborated with Moa and joined us to celebrate the beginning of Summer! Our collection this season is special for a few reasons. Firstly, the name 'Kaleidoscope' comes from a suite of prints by Nikau Hindin called 'Kaleidoscope Eyes', inspired by this! Secondly, continuing on with this multidimensional flower theme, artist Serena Stevenson photographed long loved customers of Moa, in their home with their favourite flower. Each woman shared an intimate story about their flower and these words and photographs were exhibited on the night of the launch. The most rewarding part of the evening was watching the women see their stunning flower portrait for the first time - oh and of course the clothes looked fabulous in the fashion show. Real women for the win!


For those who missed out, over the next couple of weeks we will be releasing these 'Flower Portraits' and the amazing stories behind them so keep your eyes open.



Tamsin Hanly, one of the beautiful women we photographed for our Flower Portrait series by Serena Stevenson.

"Kaleidoscope Eyes" Hand printed photographs by Nikau Hindin. For inquiries contact us!

Alia's favourite flower is manuka.


Artist Serena Stevenson and her gorgeous son Jacob.