Here is a sampler of the visual material in the build up to our Storm Collection. If you haven't already noticed we have been putting together a new look for this season's collection to express our personality a little more. Between you and me one of the reasons we have titled it 'Storm' is because that's what we are brewing up in the studio. It takes a huge amount of energy, passion and drive to create a new collection (every season) and we tend to be unpredictable and sometimes moody during this period! So I thought STORM would be an apt name. ;)

The designers and I have lived most of our lives in Auckland City and are Grey Lynn locals through and through. Our cutters, sewers, stylist/retail assistants and pressers are all local too. Moa isn't some big corporation trying to sell you over-priced fast fashion. We are a small family business and we've been around for about 28 years. Instagram is a pretty awesome platform for sharing images and through it we hope to share with you a little more about who we are and what we are about.