Ngā Putiputi Katoa

Tamsin Hanly couldn't pick her favourite flower because she loves all flowers. She shares with us what she learned from her Pacific upbringing and her mums tropical garden that continues flood and excite her senses. Serena Stevenson captured Tamsin in her home:

"I was privileged to grow up with Pākehā hippy artist parents committed to the Pacific. I grew up outside in the earth, waters, winds and sun and in my mother’s paradise garden and paradise homes of art, in Aotearoa and other Pacific islands.

I learnt from all of them to smell, hear, touch, taste, feel, sense every single thing, I learnt from all of them that all the universe is alive, has energies and spirits that all need honouring, protecting, loving and humans are only a small part of these things.

I learnt that when a tree flowers or fruits to stop what you are doing, get out of the car, walk over and take the time to acknowledge and tell the flowers, trees, insects, fruit, or food how sexy and erotic they are and how blessed we are to live with them, to thank them for working all year just to bloom or fruit or be eaten or cooked for that moment, then gone. So all flowers are like that for me in their different seasons, from frejas,
irises, frangipani, hibiscus, lilies, orchids, to magnolias.

Moa’s designers and clothes are the same,
they work all year just to be divine when they come in their seasonal times, they are taonga that also need thanking, acknowledging, loving and protecting. They are made for each woman to wear them exactly how she should wear them and feel gorgeous. Thank you all for the incredible seasonal gifts you give us."

Share with us the little lessons you have learned from our natural environment.