A Fleeting Blossom

Liv Bjorklund is like a blossom herself, moving with the seasons, evolving and bursting with beauty. We were honoured to have her in our Spring Summer Campaign this year shot by Serena Stevenson. Here are is her story:

"I'm a free spirit who's lived half my life in other countries and loves knowing that where ever I am in the world, I can feel at home.

Nature vs City. Nature blends with City. I am an Urban Peasant finding pleasure in the simple things. Creating abundance from the gifts that surround. Air. Breathe it. Earth. Let it feed and nourish us all.

Expression through the body is a beautiful thing. My life as a dancer was a wonderful (if a little impoverished) existence. The happiness and release I got from dancing was immense. Practicing and teaching yoga channeled that raw release, and gave rise to a fluid power and energy in me. A quiet strength and integrity. Coming home to myself...again.

Spring blossom is my flower right now.  I love you Blossom. You come forth, tentatively at first, forcing your way out of those bare and naked winter branches with such fortitude. Courageous and pioneering.  But when your buds bloom, you are so delicate and fragile. A fleeting beauty, elegantly assuring us that the season is changing, and that spring has sprung. And then with a gust of wind, you are gone, scattering your fine petals like a carpet for the fairies."


Does your favourite flower change with the season too? xx