Meet Noble Wilde


Over several years we have been offering customers here at Moa, the luxurious and effortlessly understated “NOBLE WILDE” Possum Merino Knitwear.

Our customers have responded with how much they love these products, and come back again and again for more.  Once you try the blend of the lightweight and soft possum/merino fibre there’s no going back. The fits are easy and super versatile often many ways of wearing one stylish piece.  Making them fun to purchase and so cosy once on they are very hard to take off!

The subtle Noble Wilde colour palette is inspired by the landscape of the southern High Country where over a 100 years ago its pioneers lived and incepted this way of blending the fibres of the merino sheep that thrived there and also, the introduced Possum which was unfortunately also thriving decimating the indigenious flora and fauna.  Blending these two fibres together is one of the warmest, softest and lightest way to create warm knitwear and layering in the Deep South is essential.  Why not get creative too?
A practical solution was born.
The garments are woven and crafted in the South Island and are committed to creating high quality timeless garments that withstand the test of time, and also have been respectfully and consciously produced.  They are committed to further reducing by the end of 2020 a plastic free, and recycled materials only policy in regard to their processing and packaging ethics.  

They are dedicated to decreasing their carbon footprint, and we love that at Moa we feel good about supporting a  small New Zealand company whose on the same page.